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The Sara Leonard Group delivers excellent professional guidance, education and facilitation to those responsible for fund development – fundraising professionals, CEOs, CFOs, board members and other nonprofit staff.

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Board Retreats: Don’t Skip the Fun

It’s important that you don’t skip the fun at your next board retreat. We’re not talking about putting “fun” as an agenda item between strategic planning and lunch. More like weaving fun into the entire retreat.

“Why” – No Longer My Least Favorite Word

As a fundraising instructor, it is my distinct privilege to meet many nonprofit professionals and learn about their organizations. Most of them spend their days thinking about what and how but the outside world (translation: donors, funders) care about the why.

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Sara does an amazing job of sharing the strategy in a very open and compassionate way.

Sara is excellent teaching this material! Very unassuming, personable and engaging.