Training: Board Development

Board Development

Let us help you build a board that works! Recruit, train and retain board members who understand their critical role in supporting your organization. We can help you build skills, confidence and motivation to succeed through programs customized to your situation and organization. We can help with:

  • board engagement
  • recruitment and retention
  • assessment
  • training

Our board training can be provided as a short refresher during your board meetings, as half- or full-day programs, or as part of a customized board retreat that includes strategic planning for your organization’s future.

Training for Board Members

Board and CEO Roles in Fundraising

Fund development is a team sport and to get the best results from your fundraising efforts you need the best team. During this interactive session we will define the development roles and responsibilities of the CEO and board members, determine the actions needed for fundraising success, learn how to create a culture of philanthropy throughout your organization, and discuss how to use policies and procedures, plans and budgets to manage fundraising more effectively. Each board member will leave this session with actionable items to increase the impact your organization makes in your community.

Courageous Fundraising for Nonprofit Board Members

This interactive session, with board members and appropriate staff, will provide participants with an understanding of the board’s role in fundraising for your organization. Time will be spent reviewing ideas for specific action and each board member will identify specific actions and commit to completing specific tasks. Best practices as established by BoardSource and the Association for Fundraising Professionals will be used to guide board members in establishing their action plans.  A great compliment to the Board Roles and Responsibilities topic. 

Board Roles and Responsibilities

Using your organization’s bylaws and Board of Directors orientation documents as the basis for this training, the board will review “what they’ve signed up for” and how to connect those commitments to the mission of your organization. Topics will include: Roles and responsibilities (legal and otherwise); Division of duties between board and staff; Qualities of effective board members and boards of directors. Best practices as established by BoardSource will be used throughout this training to establish the roles and responsibilities of board members. A great compliment to the Courageous Fundraising for Nonprofit Board Members topic. 

Making the Ask for Board Members

Actually making the ask can seem like a daunting task for even the most seasoned fundraising professional – are you sure your board members are ready? During this hands-on program we will help build the confidence your board members will need to begin soliciting on behalf of the organization. They will learn how to create their own story and how to overcome objections. Best practices as established by BoardSource and the Association for Fundraising Professionals will be used to guide board members in making the ask.

Training for Staff on Board Development

Building and Strengthening Your Best Board

The effectiveness of a nonprofit board begins with recruitment and extends throughout their service with your nonprofit. Building a high performing board requires an investment of time. Your existing board may need a tune up so through active learning we will examine: Board roles and responsibilities; Recruitment; Engagement; and Board culture. We will spend time on each area and create practical ways for your organization to implement ideas.

Creating Your Board Development Plan

Effective and engaged nonprofit boards don’t just happen, they are the result of careful planning and implementation. Every nonprofit board has room for improvement so together we will create a board development plan that will support the goal of a high performing board. We will examine your organization’s board orientation, board meetings, board education and board retreats. We will use a customized worksheet to outline steps to execute your new board development plan.

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