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Fundraising, especially at a small organization, can feel like a solo act. But, it doesn’t have to feel like that!

Our fund development coaching supports you through the process of achieving specific professional and organizational results. Our customized coaching packages allow you the opportunity to get advice, confidentially discuss challenges, brainstorm new ideas, solve problems and learn new strategies and tactics – all using the right combination of expertise and accountability. Our process involves asking questions and challenging participants to greater performance.

When you might consider a coach:

Taking on a new leadership role
• Starting with a new organization
• Organizational changes
• Creating a new development plan
• Implementing a new fundraising strategy at your organization

We are available to work one-on-one with CEO’s, executive directors, board leaders and fundraising professionals at all levels.

Our coaching session packages are customized to meet your needs. The sessions can be structured as ½-day coaching sessions or provided on an hourly basis via in person meetings, phone calls or e-mail communication.

Having a coach doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong; it means that you’re doing something right and want to be even better.

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